Ordering custom dress

Custom wedding dresse are my main focus. When brides are looking for something specific but cannot find it anywhere, or if she knows she wants something unique, she turns to me. Every dress I make is different from others. All the dresses are made in my Ateljé Tuhkimotarina by me from best materials there is. As a customer you get to be part of the designing process, since most important thing for me is a satisfied customer. 

Pricing of the dresses varies a lot, since fabrics and designs are a big part of the price. Most of the dresses I’ve made are between 1200-2000€. Lace and silk fabrics are the most expensive. All my prices include VAT 24%. 

Most asked dresses for 2018:
-chiffon or mesh dress with lace top 1300-1500€
-chiffon or mesh without lace 1200-1400€
-sheat lace dress 1600-2000€
-Full or mermaid lace dress from 1700€
-Full tulle or organza skirt with lace top 1600-2000€
-Frilly skirt from 1700€
-Sheat crepe dress with lace 1400-1700€
-Sheat or mermaid dress with multiple fabrics from 2000€

You can send inquiries to me by emailing info@heidituisku.fi. Please remember to add reference pictures and your wedding date to the email. You should book your dress for summer season(may-september) previous autumn and winter. Please note that it is not possible to be too early, I’m usually fully booked for the summer in February. For the off-season you can book later, around 3 months before the weddingday. 

It takes about 4 months in high season to create the dress for you. It takes from 2-5 fittings depending on the dress. When booking the dress, we will plan the schedule just for you, especially if you know that your body will be changing (pregnancy, just had a baby, weigh loss), so you don’t have to book the dress late because of that. 

I make your wedding dress dreams come true <3

Photo: Jussi Rekiaro